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Inauguration of the Kerala University Union 2019-2020

The Inauguration of the Kerala University Union 2019-20 was held at University College, Trivandrum on 6th August 2019. The inauguration of the union was done by Dr. Ram Puniyani, Famous Social and Human Rights Activist and Advocate V. K. Prasanth, the Hon’ble Mayor of the Thiruvananthapuram Corporation was the Chef Guest dignitaries those who attended the function. This auspicious occasion was blessed and graced by the dignitaries those who attended the function.

Kerala University Union Office Bearers

  • Chairman - Riyas A. R.
  • General Secretary - Anju Krishna G. T.
  • Vice Chairman - Sahal A.
  • Vice Chairman - Jugal Halthaf
  • Vice Chairperson - Aparna S. I.
  • Joint Secretary - Nikhil M. Thomas
  • Joint Secretary - Arun Krishnan P. K.

The swearing in-ceremony of the Kerala University Union 2019-20 before the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Dr. V.P. Mahadevan Pillai, was held at the University Senate Chamber on 09-07-2019. The first General Council and Budget session of the Union was held at the Senate Chamber on 25th July 2019. A detailed discussion on the Budget of the Union was also made and the Budget of the Kerala University Union 2019-20 was passed.

Union activities

In the Budget Speech made by Kum. Anju Krishna. G. T., General Secretary of the Union was a comprehensive picture of the activities of the Kerala University Union 2019-20 proposed to be organised and conducted. The title slogan of the budget is “A creative defence against blind and dead believes and customs “. The title offers a promise of rational and progressive scientific approach and policy of the union in its programmes and activities. As per the budget speech, in addition to the normal functioning and regular programmes and activities, the Union intents to contribute a series of innovative and students friendly programmes as the part of Union activities. Some of them are given below.

  1. Campaign against communalism.
  2. A Campus Book Travelling Programme.
  3. Inter University Cultural Exchange Programmes.
  4. Transgender Friendly Programms.
  5. Students Magazine.
  6. ONV Award
  7. Workshop on “Kadhaprasangam”
  8. Law Students Workshop.
  9. Job Fest.
  10. University Union help desk.
  11. Leadership Camp.
  12. Student Parliament.
  13. Organs donor Programme.
  14. Education Seminars
  15. Eco Friendly and Eco Protection Programme.
  16. Debates.
  17. Renaissance values and cultural processions.
  18. Anti Drug Campaign.
  19. Inter University Sports Meet.
  20. Library and Debates on books
  21. Women Empowerment Programms
  22. Book Fest
  23. Awards for Best College Unions.
  24. Campaign against Blind and Dead believes.
  25. Website creation.
  26. Mother tongue day observation.
  27. Awareness classes
  28. Campaign against Anti – Political propaganda
  29. Medical Camp
  30. App for blood donor group.
  31. Literary Camps and Workshop
Other Recent Activities

New Year Celebrations with the Mothers of Asha Bhavan

The New Year Celebrations of the year 2019 was organised by the Union in an innovative way. The celebrations arranged by the Union on 1st January 2019 was with the Mothers at Asha Bhavan, Poojappura. The programme was ended and left an everlasting sweet memories with the mothers in Asha Bhavan.

Remembrance of Simon Britto

The living martyr – Simon Britto, is an everlasting inspiration and sense of confidence in the minds of young generations. The unexpected death of Simon Britto was a shock to the Student Community as he was a pioneer of student political movement in Kerala. The union arranged a programme of special remembrance of Simon Britto on 18th Jan 2019 at Government KNM College, Kanjiramkulam.

Poets Meets

The Union gave prime importance to the poetic talents of students. As an encouragement in this regard the union organised a series of Poets Meets in SN College, Chathannoor, SN College for Women, Kollam and in other College Campuses.

Self Defence Camp

Women Empowerment programmes were specially chartered and stressed by the Union. The Union took the strong stand against any kind of violence and assault against women. The Union conveyed the message of empowering women themselves is the best way and solution for this danger. The Union organised a special programme with title Self Defence Camp on 29th January 2019 at All Saints’ College, Trivandrum and at the Government Womens College, Trivandrum . The Camp was a grand success for giving martial training and mental courage to female students to making themselves fit to prevent and survive any such bad experience and challenge.

The Night is Ours

The programme “Night is Ours’ was a programme organised by the Union for empowering Female Students. The programme upheld the slogan of equality and opportunity of Women. The programme urgent need of the society. The programme echoed against all discriminations and exploitations on women community. The session highly demanded womens freedom of travelling and other rights and privileges does the man possess and enjoy.

Valantine’s Day programme

The Union organised a special programme on Valantine’s Day . The programme left with the proper message to the students on the mutual healthy relations of Male and Female. The programme stressed the great slogan of the need of mutual respect, care love and consideration.

Drama Festival

As in the previous years the Union organised and conducted two days of Drama Festival on 19th and 20th March 2019 at TKm College of Arts and Science, Karikode, Kollam . There are nine College Drama Teams participated in the festival and they performed in outstanding way. In the Drama Festival SN College, Cherthala won the first prize. St. Michael’s College, Cherthala got second and third prize achieved by two colleges – Govt. Arts College, Trivandrum and University College, Trivandrum. The Union could organise the Inaugural Session and Valedictory function attractively and overall the festival was a grand success.

Kerala University Youth Festival 2019

The prestigious event of the Kerala University Youth Festival was scheduled by the union from 26-03-2019 to 30-03-2019 at University Kariavattom Campus. The 5 days festival was a grand success and the union and the Department of Student Services played the key role in organising the festival . Huge task and effort is needed to organise the Asia’s largest Festival. From this year some new literary events have been added to the competition items and the festival became a mega festival of hundred events.