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IMPORTANT NOTE : DO NOT change the password as this will affect all other user's ability to access using these credentials. The publishers has not set any concurrent user restrictions against these login credentials but will monitor activity to ensure fair use of service

Academic Video Lessons and PPTs from School of Distance Education
Academic Video Lessons: http://ideku.net/academic.php
Powerpoint Presentations: http://ideku.net/tutorial.php
J-Gate@E-Shodhsindhu is now available for remote access with the following credentials
Login URL: https://jgateplus.com | Login User ID: kerala | Login Password: kerala105873087
IOP Publishing
IOP Publishing has set up a single set of login credentials for the off campus use of students, research scholars and faculty members of our University
URL: https://myiopscience.iop.org/signin | Username: kerala | Password: iopscience   [The login details are all case sensitive (lowercase)]
IEEE e-Learning Courses
IEEE is offering free access to a special selection of more than 60 IEEE eLearning courses to help students, researchers, and other learners of our University to continue learning even if they are unable to attend classes in person.
Here is a page of important resources from WILEY on accessing the latest COVID-19 research, working online and more. Click Here
SciFinder (Chemical Abstracts)
CAS would like to help make your job easier by providing ready access to the products and allow users to use any SciFinder products, currently licensed by our institution.
Select the SCIFinder database and you can login with username : kulib password : laser@10
EMERALD Publishing
EMERALD Publishing provide the Covid related literatre
To further help you in these uncertain and challenging times, Emerald Works have created a COVID-19 support pack containing relevant free content and practical resources covering topics such as working from home, virtual meetings, dealing with anxiety, and crisis management. To get your free support pack, please click here.
All India Reporter : Law Journals
Inconnection with the COVID- I9 Lockdown, AIR provide access to AIR Online for a short period.
URL : http://www.aironline.in | User id : 106896 | Password 106896-5277
Indian Concrete Journal
April Issue of the Indian Concrete Journal is available as e-copy. Use the following link to access.
Click here for the link | Login Password : ICJ@april2020

```The publishers has not set any concurrent user restrictions against these login credentials but will monitor activity to ensure fair use of service.```