IT Facilities

kerala university

Tier 3 Data Centre

Computer Centre maintains an advanced data centre built according to tier 3 data centre specifications satisfying the requirements of redundancy and concurrent maintainability. The multiple active power and working system has redundant components and ensures 99.9% availability. Smoke detectors and fire security systems help in preventing fire out breaks. Presence of monitoring cameras and biometric authentication are helpful in providing increased security. High speed Internet connectivity from multiple service providers make the data centre carrier neutral. The data centre offers co-location and hosting solutions to various IT enabled activities of the University and University departments. The presence of campus Wi-Fi network controller, core switch for intranet operations, firewall for increased security, high capacity SAN storage for storing archived historical data and CCTV footage, rack and tower servers, advanced data centre monitoring tools make the data centre a central place.

State of the art Software Development Centre

With the software architecture moved to web based client server model, the requirements of advanced computing platforms have emerged. Computer Centre has established a sophisticated software development centre that offers facilities to develop platform independent software for different activities using free and open source tools. The easy availability of platform independent scripting and programming languages and tools make the Software development process easier. Application for examination tabulations, online registrations and online question paper setting are developed for use in a wide range of hardware types and operating system in house. The application developed for online admissions to different courses in affiliated colleges is widely acclaimed and the Software is shared in other Universities.

Modern IT Training Facility

Training facility for IT enabled applications and office automation tools are necessary for increased productivity in job areas and upgrading skills of employees. Computer Centre has established an advanced IT training Centre having the latest desktop Systems networked using Cat 6 cabling. Computer Centre conducts various IT courses on a regular basis, the topic of which ranges from the basics of computing to the using of IT tool, and the in-house applications developed. The presence of video projector and audio play make the training process easier for trainers and attractive to learners.

Sophisticated Hardware Maintenance Division

Computer Centre has undertaken the works of troubleshooting and maintenance of computer hardware components and networking devices installed at different sections in the University. To meet the increased need of hardware services, Computer Centre has established a sophisticated hardware maintenance division which owns the essential tools for setting up and testing computer networks and for resolving Computer Hardware issues. The management of campus Intranet, Intranet connectivity, Wi-Fi accessing, high end servers, SAN storage, surveillance systems, data centre operations, access centre systems are done by this division of computer centre.

Trendy Conference Hall

Conferences and meetings have become very common in organizations and this is very essential for its smooth working. By establishing a trendy conferencing facility at Computer Centre, the conduct of conferences has become very easy. The conference hall provides all the essentials for convening conferences at short notices. Recently the facility was upgraded by incorporating video conferencing cameras and software. This facility enables a simultaneous two way audio video transmission among multiple locations. Consequent to the setting up of video conferencing system at the server room in Kariavattom campus, this facility is now made operational between Palayam and Kariavattom campus of the University.

Video Conference Facility

University of Kerala has developed a new video conferencing system “KU Meetings” for our internal purpose. It is able to connect both Senate House Campus and Kariavattom campus using special equipments such as webcam, personal computer and powerful network connectivity. In SH Campus, wireless network is also included and participants attending the meetings with mobile devices which support flash can use this facility. It provides Audio and Video Conferencing, Meeting recording and Screen sharing, File Explorer, Moderating System, Multi-Whiteboard and Chat, User and room management, Private message centre, Plan meetings with integrated calendar, Polls and Votes, Backup etc., The initial perceived and quantifiable benefit of video conferencing in University includes Reduced travel risk, Reduced unproductive travel time, Prevent meeting delays, Shorter meetings, Structured meetings, Larger participation, Optimum attendance, Immediate information exchange, Faster response, Time-share scarce talent and Quicker decisions.

High Speed Internet & Campus Wi-fi

The purpose of the Wi-Fi network is to help students in both the campuses to connect to the Internet & Intranet through wireless network from anywhere inside the university campus and able to access the information in a secured manner. University employees, students, and guests will have shared access to wireless network resources to support the University's mission of teaching, research, and outreach. Those who wish to connect to the campus network with a laptop or other wireless device can use the wireless network infrastructure that is owned by and centrally managed by Computer Centre.

High Performance Computing

"High Performance Computing includes computers, networks, algorithms and environ-ments to make such systems usable. (range from small cluster of PCs to fastest supercomputers)"

Consultancy Services

The Computer Centre provides IT enabled services to Government organisations and Colleges. At present the Centre provides consultancy services in Hardware support which includes designing, procuring, installing, interfacing, troubleshooting and maintenance of suitable IT devices and peripherals. Also the centre gives IT infrastructure support to the Universities and external organisations. Design and implementation of Data centre solutions is another area of specialization. The centre provides complete, latest and cost-effective solution to all IT enabled activities in the Universities. The solution includes the complete software project management process from requirement analysis to implementation and maintenance. Computer centre provides support for open source technologies and implementations and encourages their use in the University.

University Computer Centre

Kerala University Computer Centre over the years has served as a hub for IT related activities in the campus. The Computer Centre acts as a single point of consultancy for all IT related projects including software, hardware, networking, digitization, archiving, web enabling, data integration, data mining, e-governance and e-learning. The Centre provides varied services to faculty members, staff and students. With the commissioning of the University wide area network, Computer Centre is in a unique position to serve the University for all its IT needs. This centre maintains an advanced data centre, high performance computing facility, training centres, state-of-the-art servers, storage and various advanced application software. Computer Centre manages the University wide fibre optic network connecting all the departments, hostels, libraries, building blocks and other offices in the campuses. The centre provides e-campus facility including the Internet, open for 24x7 with high speed and uninterrupted connectivity. Computer Centre has transformed University campus into a Wi-Fi enabled e-campus by setting up wireless Access Points throughout.

Kerala University makes use of web enabled IT solutions designed and implemented by Computer Centre for centralized online admission to affiliated colleges, examination tabulation and result announcement.

For more details, visit : kucc.keralauniversity.ac.in