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University of Kerala has sixteen faculties and forty-three departments of teaching and research. The faculty is headed by a Dean and each department comes under one of the faculties. Teaching, research and knowledge extension are the mandate of the departments. They primarily focus on post-graduate (masters) programmes, MPhil programmes (1-year research degree), doctoral research leading to PhD and post-doctoral research. The departmental councils, consisting of all faculty members of the department, have financial and academic powers. Headship of the department is for a period of three years and is on a rotation-basis. The departments under each faculty are listed below:

Faculty of Science

Dean : Dr. A. Bijukumar

Faculty of Oriental Studies

Dean : Prof. A.M Unnikrishnan

Faculty of Applied Sciences & Technology

Dean : Dr. Sabu Joseph

 ➧ Department of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

Faculty of Social Sciences

Dean : Dr.K.M.Sajad Ibrahim

Faculty of Arts

Dean : Dr. Meena T. Pillai

Faculty of Commerce

Dean : Dr. Gabriel Simon Thattil

Faculty of Education

Dean : Dr. Bindu R. L.

Faculty of Fine Arts

Dean : Dr. Sunil V. T.

Faculty of Law

Dean : Dr. Sindhu Thulaseedharan

Faculty of Management Studies

Dean : Dr. R. Vasanthagopal

Faculty of Ayurveda & Siddha

Dean : Dr. R. Sree Kumar

- No Departments -

Faculty of Dentistry

Dean : Dr. Anita Balan

- No Departments -

Faculty of Engineering & Technology

Dean : Dr. Sumesh Divakaran

- No Departments -

Faculty of Homoeopathy

Dean : Vacant

- No Departments -

Faculty of Medicine

Dean : Vacant

- No Departments -

Faculty of Physical Education

Dean : Prof. Razia K I

- No Departments -