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University of Kerala has sixteen faculties and forty two Departments of teaching and research. Teaching, Research and Knowledge extension are the mandate of the Departments. They primarily focus on post-graduate (masters) programmes, MPhil programmes (1-year research degree) and doctoral research. The Departmental Councils consisting of all faculty members of the Departments have financial and academic powers. Headship of the Department is on a rotation-basis. Each Dept falls under one of the Faculties which is headed by a Dean of Faculty (Various programmes in affiliated colleges also fall under respective faculties). Department are listed below faculty-wise (except Institute of Distance Education, which is imparts education in subjects under many faculties):

Here is a print-friendly address label list of Depts, Centres and Other Institutions in PDF, DOC formats

Faculty of Applied Sciences & Technology
   Dean : Dr. Jaya D. S.

Faculty of Arts
   Dean : Dr. B. S. Jamuna

Faculty of Ayurveda & Siddha
   Dean : Dr. R. Sree Kumar

- No departments -

Faculty of Commerce
   Dean : Dr. S. Resia Beegam

Faculty of Dentistry
   Dean : Dr. Anita Balan

- No departments -

Faculty of Education
   Dean : Dr. Bindu R. L.

Faculty of Engineering & Technology
   Dean : Dr. S. Anil Lal

- No departments -

Faculty of Fine Arts
   Dean : Dr. Sobha B. Nair

Faculty of Homoeopathy
   Dean : Vacant

- No departments -

Faculty of Law
   Dean : Prof. (Dr.) K. C. Sunny

Faculty of Management Studies
   Dean : Dr. K. S. Chandrasekhar

Faculty of Medicine
   Dean : Vacant

- No departments -

Faculty of Oriental Studies
   Dean : Dr. S. Shifa

Faculty of Physical Education
   Dean : Dr. Usha Sujit Nair

- No departments -

Faculty of Science
   Dean : Dr. A. Gangaprasad

Faculty of Social Sciences
   Dean : Dr. Manju S. Nair

Study Centres

The University has also a number of study centres in specialised areas. Some of these centres have taught programmes (Certificate/Diploma/Masters/MPhil) and some offer PhD programmes also. These are very often attached to one of the teaching Depts and share Dept facilities, though some have independent buildings and infrastructure.

Other Institutions

There are a number of other important institutions under the University, which are not regular teaching departments, but render academic/technological/information/support services to the academic community at large and the Depts/Centres in particular. Some of them like Lexicon are mission oriented Departments.