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Edited Sessions: Academic Events

Edited sessions from conferences and workshops organised by teaching departments of the University

Evolving Diaspora: Challenges and Prospects | Department of Sociology & Centre for Diaspora Studies, University of Kerala
4th Annual Conference of SAAE-India | Department of Zoology
National Webinar on Translation | Department of Hindi
Queer Vimarsh | Department of Hindi
Mapping China's Rise: International Seminar Sessions | Department of Political science
Indus Civilization | Department of Archaeology
SDE Workshop Creations | School of Distance Education
Iron Age in South Asia | Department of Archaeology
Sustainable Marine Fisheries and Aquaculture | Department of Aquatic Biology and Fisheries
Film and Philosophy | Department of Philosophy
The Web of Life Series | Dr. Radha Gopalan
Kannaki Cult in Kerala and Srilanka | Department of Tamil
Theatre in Kerala (Talks) | Various Scholars
Raman Optronics Webseries (31 videos) | Department of Optoelectronics
വീഡിയോ ജേർണലിസം (11 Sessions) | മലയാള വിഭാഗം 
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