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Latest Updates
  • Exam Postponement
    27.03.2020 04:52 PM
  • The entry to University Library has been restricted to members only and the timings have been regulated
    21.03.2020 03:29 PM
  • Open Defense, Pre Submission Seminars all other National International Seminars scheduled in March have also been postponed
    21.03.2020 03:28 PM
  • Various interview scheduled from March 30th to April 14th have been postponed
    21.03.2020 03:28 PM
  • Academic Summit, Young Scientist meet scheduled in March has been postponed
    21.03.2020 03:27 PM
  • The classes of all University Departments/ Colleges has been suspended up to March 31st and all academic, research services shall be given online
    21.03.2020 03:26 PM
  • All University examinations scheduled w.e.f FN of 20th march 2020 have been postponed. CSS Exams scheduled from March 16th have also been postponed
    21.03.2020 03:26 PM
  • Sanitizer prepared by the University Department are provided to both public and staff
    21.03.2020 03:24 PM
  • As directed by the Government the attendance of the staff are reduced to 50% for two weeks and the Visitors /Public are restricted. The office would remain closed on Saturdays in March
    21.03.2020 03:22 PM
  • Exam Postponed
       20.03.2020 01:23 PM

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